April to October,2019 | Academic Programs Held by CHSNDT in 2019

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Ultrasonic Testing


Name of Program: Ultrasonic Testing Conference

Main Activities: Sharing academic reports / Seminars / Equipment Exhibition

Location: Xining, Qinghai Province, China

Time: June 6-14th, 2019


Condition Monitoring


Name of Program: Establishment of Expert Committee on Condition Monitoring

Main Activities: Introduction of Expert Committee and its schedule

Location: Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, China

Time: April 25-26th, 2019


Name of Program: Global Condition Monitoring Conference

Main Activities: Sharing the latest development information in NDT / Announcing the upcoming 3rd Global Condition Monitoring Conference in China in 2021

Location: Singapore

Time: November, 2019


Educational Training and Popularization of Science


Name of Program: NDT Specialized Education Seminar 

Main Activities: Discussion on specialized education / Interchanging experience of skills competition / Introduction of international standards / Practical training

Location: Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, China

Time: July, 2019


Name of Program: The 5th National University NDT Skills Competition (Ultrasonic Testing)

Main Activities: Ultrasonic theory test / Practical testing on welding

Location: Huludao, Liaoning Province, China

Time: October, 2019


New Technology


Name of Program: The 15th National NDT New Technology Seminar

Main Activities: Discussion on the development of NDT new technology / Enforcing the connection and cooperation among NDT practitioners

Location: Changchun University of Science and Technology, Changchun, Jilin Province, China

Time: August 14-16th, 2019


Acoustic Emission


Name of Program: 2019 Acoustic Emission Conference-Staff Meeting 

Main Activities: Making plans for 2019 Acoustic Emission Conference / Seminars on specialized technology

Location: Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, China

Time: April 18-20th, 2019


Name of Program: Acoustic Emission Technology Seminars: Session 

Main Activities: Application of Acoustic Emission technology on testing the compression equipment

Location: Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, China

Time: August 5-9th, 2019

Name of Program: World Conference on Acoustic Emission-2019 (WCAE-2019)

Main Activities: Development and outlook of Acoustic Emission technology

Location: Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Time: November 4-8th, 2019

Magnetic Particle Testing and Penetrant Testing

Name of Program: Specialized Meeting of the Committee

Main Activities: Making schedules for the 2019 MT&PT Conference / Professional and technical seminars

Location: Luoyang, Xi’an Province, China

Time: August, 2019

Name of Program: Technical Seminar on Researches of Process Control in Penetrant Testing

Main Activities: Key elements of control and operation during penetrant testing process

Location: Xi’an, Shanxi Province, China

Time: September, 2019


Stress Testing


Name of Program: NDT Methods Training: Residual Stress

Main Activities: Basic theoretical knowledge of residual stress / Testing and practical operation of new technology

Location: Beijing, China

Time: August, 2019

Name of Program: Seminars on the Strategic Development of Stress-Strain Monitoring 

Main Activities: Strategic Development of Stress-Strain Monitoring

Location: Beijing, China

Time: October, 2019


Intelligent Detection and Evaluation


Name of Program: International Academic Conference of NDT&E 

Main Activities: Including high-end communication of intelligent NDT and evaluation technology / Discussion on the development of intelligent detection and evaluation technology

Location: Beijing, China

Time: October, 2019


Electromagnetic Testing (Eddy Current)


Name of Program: 2019 New Technology Salon on Electromagnetic Testing

Main Activities: Discussion on the hotly technology debated issue

Location: Beijing, China

Time: May, 2019


Name of Program: The 11th Academic Seminar on Electromagnetic Testing

Main Activities: Interchanging ideas on Electromagnetic testing

Location: Daqing, Heilongjiang Province, China

Time: August, 2019


Name of Program: The 11th Meeting of Professional Group in Electromagnetic Testing

Main Activities: Releasing 2018 annual report and periodic working performance in 2019

Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

Time: Sep 11-14th, 2019


Name of Program: The 24th International Conference on Electromagnetic NDE (ENDE 2019)

Main Activities: New development on NDT theory / Technology, equipment or innovative application in NDT industrial field

Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

Time: Sep 11-14th, 2019


Radiographic Testing


Name of Program: 2019 National Symposium on Radiographic Testing Technology

Main Activities: Interchanging ideas on technology

Location: Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, China

Time: October - November, 2019




Name of Program: 2019 Certification Meeting Held by CHSNDT 

Main Activities: Certification in NDT / Discussion on NDT training 

Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

Time: June 27-30th, 2019


Journal of NDT


Name of Program: QC Exhibition Seminar

Main Activities: QC exhibition seminar on applied technology

Location: Guangda Conference and Exhibition Centre, Shanghai, China

Time: October, 2019


NDT Website


Name of Program: China NDT Website

Main Activities: Composing and publishing training textbooks: Magnetic Particle Testing, Penetrant Testing / Awarding the 4th Nate Scholarship / Compilation of 2014-2018 Annals of CHSNDT

Location: Shanghai, China