Oct 30th - Nov 1st, 2019 | The 24th China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment

Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center Xiguan, No. 88, Caobao Road, Shanghai, China

The 24th China International Exhibition on Quality Control & Testing Equipment (hereinafter referred to as Q.C.China) was founded in 1995, and now gradually grown as one of the biggest scale, longest historical and widest range exhibition brand in Chinese industry testing area. On the exhibition, there are NDT technology and instruments, physical testing and material testing machines, analytical instruments and labor equipment, measuring instruments, 3D printing technology and equipment and standard samples and so on. Testing equipment manufacturers from all over the world will come to Q.C.China, and worldwide agents will bring their NDT high-end technology and advanced equipment there. Q.C.China is now an authoritative technology and product releasing platform and also the important bond for testing related people from the world.

With the steadily development of Chinese economy, the demand of industry testing has expended, the requirements of product quality testing equipment and technology from various industries have increased. So how to improve the testing technology and equipment has be the focus of testing related people. Q.C.China wish could combine the world’s advanced testing ideas and Chinese actual testing demands, fast deliver messages from advanced technology and market demands and show some outstanding testing related companies from China and abroad.

On the other hand, the organizer has been researching and developing materials and testing technology for more than 70 years, and has long-term cooperation with many testing related academies and institutions. So the organizer will help Q.C.China to hold some high standard academic meetings and technology exchange meetings with these resources. Meanwhile, the organizer has confidence to play an active role in promoting and expending influences of Q.C.China through its professional visitor database, academic journal author and reader database, academic meeting specialists database, long-term professional media and Internet resources that it accumulated for many years. And the organizer is also sure that it could bring more end users with market demanding to Q.C.China.

Academic Meetings:

2019 China Intelligent NDT and Estimation Meeting (iNDT&E)

2019 China and America NDT Technology Forum and the Fourth Annual Meeting of Shanghai Section of ASNT

2019 Standards Propagate Meeting of National Technical Committee 56 on NDT of Standardization Administration of China

2019 Q.C.China Quality Control and Testing Technology Cases Exchange Meeting

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Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center Xiguan

No. 88, Caobao Road, Shanghai, China




Organizer: Shanghai Research Institute of Materials

Address: No. 99, Handan Road, Shanghai, China

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